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To help Sylvia Anthony make her dream come true by having a Sylvia's Haven in every State in the U.S. and beyond, we have started a Crowd Funding site at Any contribution will be gratefully appreciated by Sylvia Anthony and the women and their children that Sylvia's Haven offer.

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Please help spread the word far and wide. Sylvia has helped transform over 1086 lives in the past 27 years!

With your support, she continue to help those in their time of need.

Thank You For Helping Sylvia's Dream Come True

Thank you for visiting Sylvia's Dream a website that is dedicated to making the dream of Ms. Sylvia Anthony come true... To have a "Sylvia's Haven" in every State of the United States.

If you have not already heard of Sylvia Anthony and Sylvia's Haven, Sylvia’s Haven is a nonprofit housing facility that provides shelter, guidance, and emotional support for homeless women and their children.

Located in Revere, Massachusetts, the haven was founded by Sylvia Anthony, a now 84-year-old woman who humbly works to provide women; not only with housing, but also provide directions where they can go to develop their own earning skills they want and need to live free from difficult domestic situations.

Women who qualify for the program at Sylvia’s Haven receive assistance via guidance counselors to find the appropriate job opportunity. Women may remain at the housing for up to two years. At the end of this time, or sooner, a woman who is successfully employed and has an apartment or home may leave Sylvia’s Haven to begin an independent life.

This is where you come in... to help us make Sylvia's Dream into a reality.

Remember, the only difference between a dream and reality is just doing it.

On Thursday, June 11th., 2014, we launched a $300,000.00 USD Crowdfunding site on Indiegogo with a 60 day goal to raise the funds to start the State by State reality of Sylvia's Dream to help more homeless women and their children one State at a time.

Meet Ms. Sylvia Anthony

Sylvia Anthony believes “the golden years” are a time to gear up and get busy, not relax and take it easy. She has faced many hardships in her 84 years, but they have made her stronger and more determined. As founder and president of Sylvia’s Haven, a shelter for women and children near Boston, she has helped transform over 1086 lives in the past 27 years! This organization is everything to Sylvia Anthony even calling it her “magnificent obsession!”

Sylvia has also authored a book about her life called “Till the End of Time” (Xulon Press) and is also being considered for a television series. Sylvia’s story begins with her life as an unwanted child, beaten by her father and ignored by her mother, saved only by the love of God and her grandparents. Next comes her teenage years and first marriage which ended in divorce because of cruelty, but produced three amazing children that she had to raise alone. Later in her second marriage she grew closer to God and was blessed to be able to open up the organization which she leads today.

Life hasn’t been easy throughout the years, but Sylvia firmly believes that God not only gives her courage during times of hardship, but also keeps her healthy so that she may realize a dream of hers which is to open up a shelter, Sylvia’s Haven, in all 50 states!

Sylvia Anthony has been recognized as the National Association of Professional Women’s 2012/2013 Woman of the Year, featured on The 700 Club and received a commendation from President George Bush in 2002. She is the recipient of the Arthur L. Whitaker Award, the National Alliance to End Homelessness Recognition Award, Ambassador for Peace Award, the Governor of Massachusetts Recognition Award, and was named the 2001 Hometown Hero by WBZ-TV in Boston.